About Us

Since 2004 Consult Ed has been providing specialist consulting services to tertiary education institutions, primarily those involved in the provision of higher education in the non self-accrediting sector.

Consult Ed's principal consultant, Dr Peter Ryan, has a wealth of experience in the various regulatory frameworks which inform the Australian tertiary education sector, especially for those institutions considering becoming an approved higher education provider (HEP).

Peter has also assisted a number of HEPs to gain FEE-HELP approval and a number of RTOs to gain VET FEE-HELP approval in order to offer their eligible students access to government-provided income contingent loans.

Peter is available to assist your institution achieve its goals in delivering quality educational outcomes.

Since 1st July 2015 Consult Ed has affiliated with other like-minded consultants and researchers to establish the Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI).

HELI provides best-practice consulting and training to non self-accrediting higher education providers and aims to be a catalyst for the continued elevation and professional standards of the growing non-university higher education sector in Australia.