Resources for new Institutes of Higher Education


In response to requests from our higher education clients over many years Consult Ed has developed a suite of documentation that can be used by new Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) as a foundation to build their quality management system. Each document provides a template for further customisation by individual institutes to their specific operational requirements.

Quality Assurance Framework

The Consult Ed Quality Assurance Framework is a comprehensive suite of higher education specific policies and procedures provided as templates in a format ready to be customised to the specific requirements of each institution. Some selected forms are also included.

Governance Framework

The Consult Ed Governance Framework consists of a Governance Charter that documents the desirable elements for good governance in practice to support the establishment of a governance framework for a typical IHE. Also included are draft documents to support the establishment of the key governance bodies.

Planning Framework

The Consult Ed Planning Framework consists of templates for a number of key planning documents suitable for an IHE including a Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Risk Management Plan, Workforce Plan, Teaching & Learning Plan, Library Development Plan and Business Continuity Plan.


The Consult Ed ESOS Pack consists of templates for a number of policies and procedures specific to internaitonal students, sample letters of notification and a draft Letter of Offer and Student Agreement and sample Education Agent Agreement. This pack is designed to supplement the Consult Ed Quality Assurance Framework.

HR Pack

The Consult Ed HR Pack consists of templates for role descriptions for the most common positions in an IHE. A draft Organisation Chart and Staff Handbook is also included. This pack is designed to integrate with the Consult Ed resources listed above.


If you would like more information about Consult Ed's resources for IHEs please contact us