Resources for new Institutes of Higher Education


In response to requests from our higher education clients over many years Consult Ed has developed a suite of documentation that can be used by new Institutes of Higher Education as a foundation to build their quality management system. Each document provides a template for further customisation by individual institutes to their specific operational requirements.

Quality Assurance Framework

The Consult Ed Quality Assurance Framework is a comprehensive suite of higher education specific policies and procedures provided as templates in a format ready to be customised to the specific requirements of each institution.


Governance Framework

The Consult Ed Governance Framework consists of a Governance Charter that documents the desirable elements for good governance in practice to support the establishment of a governance framework for a typical Institute of Higher Education. Also included are draft documents to support the establishment of the key governance bodies.


Planning Framework

The Consult Ed Planning Framework consists of templates for a number of key planning documents suitable for an Institute of Higher Education including a Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Risk Management Plan, Workforce Plan, Teaching & Learning Plan and Business Continutity Plan.


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