Applying to offer FEE-HELP assistance to your eligible students

The introduction of FEE-HELP in 2004 has proved to be a valuable marketing tool for private higher education providers and a great benefit for their eligible students.

In order to gain access to FEE-HELP for their students a higher education provider must be approved as a FEE-HELP Provider.

To be approved as a FEE-HELP Provider an institution must:

be a body corporate which carries on its business in Australia;

have as its principal purpose education and/or research;

deliver at least one accredited higher education course;

be financially viable (as set out in the current version of the Financial Viability Instructions for Applicants);

provide appropriate tuition assurance for its students;

observe certain quality control & accountability requirements; and

supply data to the Commonwealth as required.


Since 1st July 2015 consultant support to become a FEE-HELP Provider is available through the Higher Education Leadership Institute.